You have enjoyed your house or condo and made the sacrifices of home ownership. Maybe, you have out grown your home or just need to sell. What ever your circumstances are, I can get your home SOLD quickly and stress free, you deserve it.

What I offer:

Over my 13 years of working with property buyers and sellers I have learned a lot and developed my a successful system to getting your home SOLD for the highest price in a short time.

  • Free Marketing Presentation:
    To whom do you need to advertise your home to, who is your ideal buyer.
  • Free Home Evaluation:
    How much is your house worth? I will give you an in person FREE no obligation Home Evaluation.
  • Recent Sold"s on Your street:
    Want to know the recent sales activity on your street?
  • Staging:
    One of the secrets to making your home attractive and in demand is keeping it clean and ideal decorating presentation. I can discuss some ideas with you.

Marketing Plan

When you hire me to sell your home, you will receive the following:

  • I will market your home until SOLD. Ask about my Detailed Marketing Plan.
  • I will expose your home to the greatest amount of Buyers. Good exposure means a better chance of getting your property SOLD QUICKLY.
  • Your home will be advertised on all the latest and effective social mediums and through my many websites.
  • I will feature your home on my Web sites.
  • I will e-mail your property listing to potential buyers.
  • I will conduct Open making it easy for potential buyers to visit and see your home.
  • I will Follow up with each agent who shows the property highlighting features of the home and get their feed back to aid us in getting direct market updates.
  • I will Provide Quick Tips To Increase Sale Value that are simple and inexpensive ways to increase your home"s appeal and add thousands to your selling price.
  • Each purchase and sale requires the assistance of other professionals. I am a full service realtor with quick reliable access to Mortgage Specialists, Home Inspectors, Lawyers and all professionals needed to complete a sale.
  • Your Home will be Sold for the Highest Market Price
  •  Your Home will be Sold with Favourable Terms and Conditions to you

Effective and Inexpensive Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale:

Though your home is always clean and welcoming, when selling and having prospective buyers viewing your home you need to do more than the usual. The way your home looks and presented for everyday living is not the way it should look while up for sale. Getting your home SOLD and attractive to the greatest number of people takes a little time and effort and does not necessarily have to be costly. A terrific start to the selling process of your home should be a general and over all clean up of the home from top to bottom both inside and out. This will require your time but no cost. It"s amazing what a few hours of cleaning to a home, any home, could do to the process of selling and your bottome line.

  • While your home is for sale, always be prepared for a showing. A buyer may request an appointment at any time.
  • Before prosective buyers arrive, tidy up, turn on all lights, and remove any clutter.
  • If its a hot day, have the Air condition running or if it"s during the winter make sure the furnace is on.
  • Keep walkways to the front door immaculate and clear.
  • Clean kitchen & bathroom till they sparkle.
  • For homes, make the outside of the house appear neat and tidy. Get rid of any clutter and repair any broken fences. Ditch the old lumber, tires and or broken items laying around.
  • Keep lawn mowed, edged & trimmed and snow cleared accordingly. Remove dead flowers & weeds.
  • For condos, make available an extra key or fob to show off all the amenity areas

Things to do to Before Listing:

  • Clean and Prepare the home to sell. The way your home is presented when its for sale and while you live in it will differ. A good place to start is Kitchen, Bathrooms, Entrance ways and Walkways.
  • Repaint house if worn, a fresh paint job, in neutral colours, will go a far way.
  • Wash windows both in and outside.
  • Clear clutter from all rooms & stairways.
  • Selling your home involves more than simply putting up a “For Sale" sign. To help it sell quickly you have to maximize its appeal to buyers. While that may take a little work, it doesn"t have to cost a lot.

Things to do after sold

  • Cancel all utilities contract
  • Prepare to move
  • Register change of address at post office
  • Contact all credit card companies and services of address change
  • Update driver"s license
  • Hire a Mover