Reasons You Need To Hire A Real Estate Agent

If you are thinking of buying a home, you suddenly wonder if you need a real estate agent. There are many search sites providing guides on how to buy home. But a realtor has something that no buyer has – particularly a first-time buyer -: a great experience. A realtor will work as a lawyer on his behalf and, in most cases, you will get a better deal you could get.

Real estate agents have local experience

Realtors have knowledge of real estate market. For example, you can paint a house but who can paint a house better, you or a painter who does this professionally? You probably do not know exactly how the market at this time in your area. Do you know if the houses are usually selling 97 percent of the selling price? Will you expect to compete with multiple offers? Do you have what it takes to win against other buyers? If you want a one story house with three bedrooms and over one acre, what should you expect to pay? With the knowledge of the inventory of homes, your realtor will be able to advise you on these issues.

Access to the houses

Without an agent, it will be difficult to schedule a house visit. Sellers are happy to let a realtor show their homes. However, they are not willing to let a total stranger have access to their home without authorization. You will have to visit the property when the seller or the seller"s agent is available, making home visits take a long time to program and more difficult.

Because of this, most people who do not hire a realtor visit home during ‘open house" or open days when anyone can visit the house, without an appointment. This puts you against strong competition, and you probably will not be the first person to see this home (a big problem in a tight market like today). Besides, the agent hosting the open house represents the seller. Answers for questions you have about the house will be for the best interest of the seller in the, not yours. When you visit a home with your realtor, you not only have access and privacy but also has a defender whose fiduciary duty is to look after their interests.

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