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My name is Jameson Miller, and I have been a full-time Realtor for 15 years.  This is my real estate website with listings of homes and condos for sale in Jacksonville.  Also, I work with all homes for sale in Duval County.  If you are interested in buying a property, I have a dedicated site for all your real estate needs.

As an experienced Realtor, I will provide you with all of the latest, relevant, and insightful information needed to get you started and right through moving day, and beyond. I have access to all properties listed for sale, recently sold ones, and contacts to other professionals needed to complete a real estate transaction in your best interest.

I believe everyone should own the place they call home! Whether you choose to live in a house, condominium apartment, or townhouse you deserve to own it, and experience all of the benefits of home ownership.  I am here to make your buying or selling experience exciting, informative, and stress-free. I believe buying a home is an admirable achievement, and I want the process to be memorable and fun for you.
I offer several FREE Consultations based on your real estate needs, contact for more details.